The Northstar proposal tool is where you can compose and store your Regular and ToO observing proposals, including defining targets and text for both scientific and technical justification.

Due to a recent security enhancement, when you attempt to access the Northstar proposal tool, an additional username and password is required before reaching the usual login screen. These initial credentials are:

If you cannot see this image please email e-MERLIN support.

Simply ask your browser to save these and you should not encounter them again for this cycle. You will then be directed to the familiar Northstar Login page, where you will be able to use your usual username, or set up a new account. Note that because the proposal tool web address has changed (from to, your browser is initially unlikely to automatically recall your username and password until you have sucessfully logged in.

Enter e-MERLIN Northstar Proposal Tool

If you cannot remember your old password, request a new password from the login page using your NorthStar username and email address. Please feel free to email for assistance.