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Trans-National access to e-MERLIN

Access to e-MERLIN for Scientists from EU Countries: e-MERLIN is one of the participating institutes in the RadioNet project from which transnational access (TNA) within the EU to existing observing facilities is financially supported. TNA support envisaged for the RadioNet3 provision from January 1st 2012 includes travel reimbursement for data reduction visits to the e-MERLIN support facility in JBCA Manchester for TNA-enabled programmes.

The members of the research team from eligible projects may also receive travel subsidies through the EC's RadioNet trans-national access (TNA) program. In the specific case of the e-MERLIN, "eligible" means in brief that:

Requested TNA Acknowledgment

If you have a MERLIN or e-MERLIN project that is eligible for support via the RadioNet TNA program, would you please include the appropriate acknowledgment in papers, conference proceedigs, etc. that result from the project:

Projects having observations in the time span 2004-2008:

Projects having observations in the time span 2009-2011:

Projects having observations in the time span 2012-2015:

For further information or enquires regarding claims or eligibility please contact e-merlin@jb.man.ac.uk

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