e-MERLIN / VLBI National Radio Astronomy Facility


e-MERLIN proposal submission tool

Deadline : Midnight (23:59 GMT) 16th November 2017

The e-MERLIN proposal submission tool Northstar.


Proposal process:

e-MERLIN cycle-6 proposals must be submitted via the e-MERLIN NorthStar web-based proposals submission tool. To submit an application for time, go to the NorthStar website (register as a new user if necessary) and follow the instructions given in the help file that you will find on the welcome page.

From Cycle-6 invitations for proposals will be distributed twice per year and submitted proposals will be subject to peer review via a STFC PATT e-MERLIN Time Allocation Committee (Phase 1). Successful proposals will then be subject to a second pass in which full observing details will be verified (Phase 2). By default e-MERLIN observations are dynamically scheduled by the operations team. Following the completion of the scheduled observations, the user is invited to attend the e-MERLIN Visitors Suite housed in the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics where full face-to-face support is available to assist the user in the processing of their data to final astronomical images.