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e-MERLIN requests proposals from the international astronomical community for observations to be made during Cycle-2. Proposals are competitively peer-reviewed under standard STFC rules by the PATT e-MERLIN Time Allocation Committee. Allocation will be made on the basis of scientific merit and technical feasibility alone. During the first 5 semesters of e-MERLIN operations ~50% of observing time has been allocated to 12 large legacy projects and most of the remaining time will be allocated via PATT to standard proposals solicited prior to each observing semester.

e-MERLIN provides high resolution (40-150mas) and high sensitivity (~7-14 μJy in Cycle-2) imaging at cm wavelengths as well as polarimetry, spectroscopy and astrometry. Cycle-2 observations will commence in September 2014, with some limitations in observing capabilities.

Developments:Throughout Cycle-0 extensive commissioning activity was undertaken, whilst during Cycle-1, a limited amount of continued commissioning and further e-MERLIN development work has been on-going. Following final testing and commissioning, the introduction of the full 2 GHz bandwidth at C-Band is scheduled for delivery in Q4 2014/Q1 2015. PATT observations made after this development may benefit from this extra bandwidth once it becomes available, however, this will be offered initially on a shared-risk basis. All proposals should be justified assuming the current available bandwidth of 512MHz.

Cycle-2 e-MERLIN Observations : September 2014 - January 2013
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals - 23:59:59 UT on 15th April 2014

Observing frequencies available:-
L-Band: 1.23GHz to 1.74GHz
C-Band: 4.5GHz to 7.5GHz

The system parameters for observation of a continuum source in optimum conditions are:-

1.23-1.74 GHz
4.3-7.5 GHz
Maximum angular resolution ~150 ~40 (milliarcsec)
RMS level for 12 hr on source ~14/7** ~13/7** (uJy/bm)
Maximum bandwidth/polarization 512* 512 (MHz)

More extensive technical details are available at e-MERLIN cycle-2 capabilities.

Proposals should be submitted via the e-MERLIN Web-based Northstar Proposal Tool. The proposal tool will be open for proposal submissions from 20th March 2014.


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