e-MERLIN / VLBI National Radio Astronomy Facility

e-MERLIN science Legacy programme

The e-MERLIN Legacy programme: Overall Management

The e-MERLIN legacy programme has been devised to allow a number of major science projects to obtain considerable observing time with e-MERLIN during its first few years of operation. The overriding goal of this programme is to address the fundamental questions in astronomy and astrophysics, whilst also producing a substantial and lasting data legacy for use by the whole astronomical community.

This programme involves up to 5000hrs of e-MERLIN time during the first 5 Semesters. The internal management of this time and the resources required is governed by an internal management group comprising of the PIs of the individual legacy projects, and the e-MERLIN director. This group chaired by Melvin Hoare (Leeds). The members of this group are: Melvin Hoare (Leeds, chair), Chris Simpson (LivJm), Ian Smail (Durham), Raman Prinja (UCL), Tom Muxlow (Manchester), Ian McHardy (Southampton), Wouter Vlemmings (Bonn), Ben Stappers (Manchester), Stephen Serjeant (Open), John Conway (Onsala), Miguel Perez-Torres (IAA-CSIC), Rob Beswick (Manchester), Luis Rodriguez (UNAM), Jane Greaves (St Andrews), Neal Jackson (Manchester), Robert Laing (ESO) Martin Hardcastle (Herts) and Simon Garrington (e-MERLIN).

In addition the external e-MERLIN Legacy Steering Group (LSG) originally tasked with soliciting and establishing a cutting-edge Legacy Programme remain as an external oversight group. This group includes 8 senior UK and European astronomers and is chaired by Prof. Rob Ivison