e-MERLIN / VLBI National Radio Astronomy Facility

e-MERLIN science Legacy programme

The e-MERLIN Legacy programme: Technical working group

The full exploitation of data from the e-MERLIN legacy programme requires development of a variety of analysis tools and data reduction techniques. Within the programme each of the legacy teams will be undertaking a combination of bespoke developments focusing on their individual project needs, along the development of more general data reduction algorithms and pipelines.

Primarily the e-MERLIN technical working group has been set up in collaboration with each of these teams to help to facilitate this development and coordinate the work underway amongst individual legacy projects and the e-MERLIN team itself, although this group is also open to broader participation. This group is being coordinated by Rob Beswick (e-MERLIN and the LeMMINGs legacy project) and Danielle Fenech (UCL and COBRaS legacy project).