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e-MERLIN science Legacy programme

The e-MERLIN Legacy programme

Approved Legacy projects

Full Proposal* Team Webpage**
Astrophysics of Galaxy Transformation and Evolution (AGATE)
Chris Simpson (Liverpool John Moores, UK)
Ian Smail (Durham, UK)
Full Proposal
The e-MERLIN Cyg OB2 Radio survey: Massive and Young stars in the Galaxy (COBRaS)
Raman Prinja (UCL, UK)
Full ProposalWeb Site
e-MERLIN Galaxy Evolution Survey (eMERGE)
Tom Muxlow (Manchester, UK)
Ian Smail (Durham, UK)
Ian McHardy (Southampton, UK)
Full Proposal
e-MERLIN Pulsar Interferometry Project (e-PI)
Wouter Vlemmings (University of Bonn, Germany)
Ben Stappers (Manchester, UK)
Full Proposal WebSite
Feedback Processes in Massive Star Formation
Melvin Hoare (Leeds, UK)
Wouter Vlemmings (University of Bonn, Germany)
Full Proposal
Gravitational Lensing and galaxy evolution with e-MERLIN
Neal Jackson (Manchester, UK)
Stephen Serjeant (Open University, UK)
Full Proposal
Legacy e-MERLIN Multi-Band Imaging of Nearby Galaxies (LeMMINGs)
Rob Beswick (Manchester, UK)
Ian McHardy (Southampton, UK)
Full Proposal Web
Luminous Infra-red Galaxy Inventory (LIRGI)
John Conway (Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden)
Miguel Perez-Torres (IAA-CSIC, Spain)
Full Proposal
Morphology and Time Evolution of Thermal Jets Associated with Low Mass Young Stars
Luis Rodriguez (UNAM, Mexico)
Full Proposal
Planet Earth Building Blocks - a Legacy e-MERLIN Survey (PEBBLES)
Jane Greaves (St Andrews, UK)
Full Proposal
Resolving Key Questions in Extragalctic Jet Physics
Robert Laing (ESO, Garching, Germany)
Martin Hardcastle (Hertfordshire, UK)
Full Proposal
Super-CLASS: the Super-CLuster Assisted Shear Survey - a weak lensing deep field survey using e-MERLIN
Richard Battye (JBCA, Manchester)
Full Proposal

*Proposals linked are those submitted by the teams in the original time request and have not been amended following time allocation.
**Individual project webpages are maintained by the teams themselves.